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Progressio magazine 2016

Updates from Progressio's 75th seminal year!

Progressio magazine 2015 

Progressio magazine 2014 issue one

February 2014. Unbreakable women's voices must be heard: featuring the launch of our Unbreakable campaign, and photos, stories and women's voices about women's participation and rights in Yemen and Somaliland.
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Progressio magazine 2013 issue two

5.5MB PDF. Investing together in a sustainable future: supporting farmers in Malawi.

Progressio magazine 2013 issue one

2.5MB PDF. Better farming, better food, better lives: Read about our food security project on the Haiti/DR border; what it's like to be an ICS volunteer from the UK - and from Malawi; and much more.

Progressio magazine 2012 issue two

3.7MB PDF. Focusing on our 'Waterproof Rio' campaign with voices and stories from Somaliland, Yemen and Zimbabwe and updates on UK supporter action.

Progressio magazine 2012 issue one (low resolution PDF)

Or download a high resolution PDF (4.4 MB) with better quality images. Issue one focuses on 'Water for life' and includes updates on Haiti, Zimbabwe, El Salvador, and much more.

Our magazine was formerly called Interact. Please note that we did not publish editions of Interact in Autumn and Winter 2010, and Summer and Autumn 2011.

Interact Spring 2011

Standing together for climate justice. Plus: Somaliland elections; people power in Ecuador; rebuilding Haiti.

Interact Summer 2010

How to stop illegal logging. Plus: Haiti - back down to earth; and water rights in El Salvador and Peru.

Interact Spring 2010

Haiti: hope amid the ruins. Plus: the legacy of Oscar Romero; life in Chikurubi Farm Prison in Zimbabwe; and responding to HIV in Somaliland.

Interact Winter 2009

Miracle workers: women farmers and sustainable futures in Malawi. Plus: rights, freedoms and women activists in Honduras; and climate change in Copenhagen.

Interact Autumn 2009

This land is our land: why small-scale farming is the lifeblood of rural communities in Ecuador. Plus: hopes for the future in Timor-Leste; voting for change in Malawi; and reflections on the Pope’s encyclical letter Caritas in Veritate.

Interact Summer 2009

Living with HIV: stories from the frontline in Zimbabwe. Plus: the voices of Ecuadorian farmers; people power in Honduras; and why justice is a development issue in Timor-Leste.

Interact Spring 2009

Living ‘land to mouth’: the big contribution of small-scale farmers. Also in this issue: why the G20 must Put People First, community work in Yemen, young people in Somaliland.

Interact Winter 2008

Why justice matters: the campaign for a better future for East Timor. Also in this issue: focus on HIV and AIDS in Nicaragua and El Salvador, disabilities in Somaliland, participation in Honduras.

Interact Autumn 2008

The future for development: opinions and viewpoints towards a new vision for development. Also in this issue: Zimbabwe behind the headlines, speaking out for East Timor, water rights in El Salvador.

Interact Summer 2008

Faith and HIV and AIDS. Also in this issue: crisis in Zimbabwe, justice for Timor-Leste, young people in Nicaragua.

Interact Spring 2008

Changing lives: how Progressio development workers help change people’s lives. Also in this issue: illegal logging in Ecuador, women’s roles in Somaliland, a question of faith in Yemen.

Interact Winter 2007/08

People power: how participation empowers people and promotes change. Featuring contributions from Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Somaliland, Yemen and Timor-Leste.

Interact Autumn 2007

Seeds of change: how agroecology is improving the quality of life in Ecuador. Also in this issue: say no to Terminator Technology, vocational training in Somaliland, keeping the promise on HIV and AIDS.

Interact Summer 2007

The option for the poor: a new beginning for the Church in Latin America. Also in this issue: water in El Salvador, HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe, Qat chewing in Yemen.

Interact Spring 2007

Changing men’s minds: why women’s rights should be every man’s concern. Also in this issue: strong women in East Timor, livesimply in Africa, living with HIV in Zimbabwe.

Interact Winter 2006/07

Live simply: show your solidarity and help tackle poverty. Also in this issue: water in El Salvador, indigenous rights in Namibia, deforestation in Somaliland.

Interact Autumn 2006

Time to deliver on HIV and AIDS. Features articles from Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras and Yemen.

Interact Summer 2006

The future in our hands: universities by the people, for the people. Also in this issue: capacity building in Yemen, food sovereignty in Nicaragua, water management in Peru.

Interact Spring 2006

Going green: why agro-ecology is good for people and the planet. Also in this issue: building networks in Somaliland, intercultural education in Peru, human rights in West Papua.

Interact Winter 2005/06

Coming out: people take control of their destiny. In this issue: HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe and Peru, saying no to ‘free trade’ in Latin America, environment and indigenous culture in Ecuador.

Interact Autumn 2005

Faith in peace: how inter-faith dialogue can be a force for peace. Also in this issue: racism in the Dominican Republic, environment in Honduras.

Interact Summer 2005

Participating in democracy – includes articles from East Timor, Ecuador and Peru. Also in this issue: challenges in Yemen, environment in Honduras.

Interact Spring 2005

Capacity building – includes articles from Somaliland, Namibia, Peru and Nicaragua. Also in this issue: HIV and AIDS in Nicaragua, solidarity in Ecuador, faith and the tsunami.

Interact Winter 2004/05

Health of a nation: CIIR/ICD’s contribution to health care in Yemen. Also in this issue: domestic violence in Namibia, machismo in Nicaragua, freedom in Zimbabwe.

Interact Autumn 2004

Towards a new world: Social Forums show the way to a world run by its people. Also in this issue: crisis in Haiti, democracy in Papua, agroecology in El Salvador.

Interact Summer 2004

Live and learn: empowering people through education and training. Also in this issue: peace-building in South East Asia, organic farming in the Dominican Republic, disability rights in Namibia.

Interact Spring 2004

Rethinking migration:bridging the gap between North and South. Also in this issue: women’s rights in East Timor, fighting back in Manila, standing up for Haiti.

Interact Winter 2003/04

Which way for democracy? – includes articles from the Dominican Republic and Somaliland. Also in this issue: women in Papua, genetically modified foods, disability in Zimbabwe.

Interact Autumn 2003

Raising our voices: the power of the media to promote development. Also in this issue: health care in Yemen, action on Haiti, advocacy in Asia.

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