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Political Settlement in Somaliland: A gendered perspective

(March 2017)

Michael Walls, Marie-Luise Schueller and Amina-Bahja Ekman

Report by International Observers on the 2016 Voter Registration Process in Somaliland

(March 2017)

Marie-Luise Schueller and Michael Walls

The Price of Womanhood: Women's Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Zimbabwe

(August 2016)

A case study report produced from research in Zimbabwe to better undersnd issues around Seuxal and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Gender Based Violence (GBV), both in general society and in the context of the church specifically.

How social and religious norms and cultural beliefs can prevent young girls and women from making informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health

(January 2016)
Policy and Advocacy Officer Fatima Haase explores how entrenched religious and cultural beliefs and structures can limit women and girls' control over their sexual relationships, particularly when it comes to planning their families. The report offers key recommendations to governments and civil society on they can support women and girls to access their rights in the run up to the International Conference on Family Planning. 

(November 2015) 
To celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Progressio continues to draw attention to two existing key international instruments: an international treaty and a mechanism, which can contribute to drive forward equality for women and girls. 

Women and fragile states: Empowered women must be active participants in decision-making

(February 2014)

Progressio policy briefing for the post-2015 discussions. Addresses issues of culture and religion in facilitating women's social and political development, and contains recommendations for the post-2015 development goals.

Women and fragile states: Why women's voices must be heard

(February 2014)

Briefing paper on why Progressio is calling for a bigger role in political, environmental and social decision-making for women living in fragile states at the 58th meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women in March 2014.

Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill: Progressio's position

(October 2013)

Short briefing paper outlining Progressio's concerns that the proposed Lobbying Bill will constrain our ability to bring the voices of poor and marginalised people to policy debates in the UK.

A waterproofed post-2015 development framework

(October 2013)

Progressio briefing outlining why poor and marginalised people, especially women, are calling for an integrated approach to water for food security and livelihoods in the global development agenda.

Waterproofing agriculture for smallholder farmers: How 'Benchmarking Business in Agriculture' can promote access to water resources for smallholder farmers

(August 2013)

Progressio briefing analysing the critical issues behind the challenge of achieving sustainable and equitable access to water, with recommendations for a water indicator in the World Bank's BBA.

Swerves on the road: Report by International Election Observers on the 2012 local elections in Somaliland

(2013) (3.2MB PDF)

Steve Kibble and Michael Walls

Report on the conduct and outcome of the November 2012 local elections in Somaliland, covering positive participation of women and youth, problems with multiple voting, and resolution of disputes and grievances.

Thinking local in Haiti: Civil society perspectives on decentralisation

(2012) (1MB PDF)

Progressio in partnership with CAFOD, International HIV-AIDS Alliance, SCIAF and Tearfund

Report based on interviews with Haitian civil society organisations which argues that decentralisation is essential for a viable post-earthquake reconstruction process.

Repenser Localement Haiti: Perspectives de la Société Civile sur la Décentralisation

(2012) (1.6MB PDF)

French translation of 'Thinking local in Haiti' published in partnership with ICCO/Kerk in Actie.

Preparing for local elections in Somaliland: Plans, challenges and progress

(2012) (1MB PDF)

Steve Kibble and Michael Walls

Report assessing Somaliland's readiness to hold local elections scheduled for November 2012.

Our planet and its people: What scientists are saying about the threats to a sustainable future

(2012) (400k PDF)

Dr Michael Edwards

Climate change expert Dr Michael Edwards summarises the environmental impacts of climate change on our planet and its people.

The future we need: Progressio's response to the Zero Draft document of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development 2012: Rio+20


Short briefing paper calling for a green and fair economy with a stronger focus on water for livelihoods.

Water in a green and fair economy: Rio+20: A Progressio briefing


Short briefing paper on why Rio+20 must be a step towards sustainable development that's truly 'waterproof'.

Somaliland: Change and continuity

(2011) (1.66MB PDF)

Report by International Election Observers on the June 2010 presidential elections in Somaliland

Michael Walls and Steve Kibble

After a long period of delays and uncertainty, presidential elections were held in Somaliland in June 2010. This report by the team of international election observers describes how the elections - and the peaceful transition of power to a new government - mark the latest successful stage in Somaliland's democratic transition.

Prayer alone is not enough: People's stories of HIV and faith

(2011) (1.86MB PDF)

Based on interviews with people in El Salvador, Yemen and Zimbabwe who are living with or affected by HIV, this report presents deeply personal, honest and challenging stories which show how faith communities can add to stigma and discrimination - or can play a key role in supporting people facing HIV.

Haiti after the earthquake: Civil society perspectives on Haitian reconstruction and Dominican-Haitian bi-national relations

(2010) (753k PDF)

This report, based on in-depth interviews with Haitian and Dominican organisations and individuals, shows that civil society feels marginalised and excluded from the reconstruction process. It argues that local groups and communities must be more involved in rebuilding Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake.

Drop by drop: Understanding the impacts of the UK's water footprint through a case study of Peruvian asparagus

(2010) (3.29MB PDF)

This report shows how government, agribusinesses and retailers are failing to curb unsustainable water use in Peru. It argues that a global standard to tackle unsustainable water management in developing countries is urgently needed to help protect some of the world’s poorest communities from increased water insecurity.

Please see also the Drop by drop errata note (40k PDF)

Fertile ground: Why urgent funding and support for small-scale farmers in poor countries will help prevent global food crises

(2009) (550k PDF)

This report argues that small-scale farming - which already feeds a third of humanity - can help provide long-term food security for millions of people. It calls for more investment and support for small-scale farmers from governments worldwide.

Seed saving and climate change in Zimbabwe

(2009) (700k PDF)

Progressio Zimbabwe

This report into a study of farmers in two districts of Zimbabwe shows the key role that seed saving plays in helping farmers to face the challenges posed by increasing climatic changes and Zimbabwe’s difficult socio-economic conditions. The report provides a detailed analysis of the role of seed saving in small-scale agriculture and makes recommendations to enable farmers in Zimbabwe to achieve food security and sustainable livelihoods in the face of the increasing impacts of climate change.

Against the grain: Why governments must defend the right to germinate against the biotechs’ push to terminate

(2008) (800k PDF)

This report examines the potential harmful impact of genetically modified Terminator seeds on the livelihoods of the 1.4billion people in the developing world who are dependent on small-scale farming. It argues that saving seed and preserving biodiversity are critical survival strategies for poor farmers as they try to adapt to a changing climate.

HIV and AIDS in Haiti

(2008) (990k PDF)

Nick Caistor, Jean Hugues Henrys and Anne Street

This report examines the political, social and economic situation which has allowed HIV to flourish in Haiti, and explores the responses of the Haitian government, NGOs and the international community. It shows that the deep, grinding poverty faced by millions of people in Haiti puts those living in poor communities at greatest risk, and argues that HIV cannot be tackled without also addressing the endemic poverty and injustice in the country.

Faithful peace, peaceful faith: The role of women of faith in building peace

(2008) (383k PDF)

Jane McGrory

Drawing on Progressio’s three-year project for interfaith and faith-based peacebuilding in south-east Asia – and in particular on the testimony of women from the post-conflict societies of Papua, Timor-Leste and Mindanao – this report looks at how faith strengthens the work of women in building peace, and how women strengthen the ways that religion can contribute to peace.

The forgotten tribe: People with disabilities in Zimbabwe

(2006) (283k PDF)

Tsitsi Choruma

Based on a survey in 2006 on the views and perspectives of people with disabilities in Zimbabwe, conducted by Progressio Zimbabwe in collaboration with Zimbabwe’s National Association of Societies for the Care of the Handicapped, this report demonstrates the problems and marginalisation they face, and makes recommendations for what needs to happen to reduce discrimination against, and increase the opportunities open to, people with disabilities in Zimbabwe.

Further steps to democracry: The Somaliland parliamentary elections, September 2005

(2006) (295k PDF)

Adan Yusuf Abokor, Steve Kibble, Mark Bradbury, Haroon Ahmed Yusuf, Georgina Barrett

The September 2005 elections in Somaliland were the first parliamentary elections in the Somali region since 1969. This report, drawing on the findings of a team of international election observers coordinated by Progressio, describes the conduct of the elections, analyses the results, and examines their significance for the democratisation process in Somaliland.

Needed but unwanted: Haitian immigrants and their descendants in the Dominican Republic

(2004) (2MB PDF)

Bridget Wooding and Richard Moseley-Williams

This book-length briefing examines the origins and changing nature of Haitian immigration to the Dominican Republic, and describes the efforts being made to establish and protect the rights of Haitians and Haitian-Dominicans in the DR. Since its first publication in 2004 it has become a key text on the issue of migration across the island of Hispaniola and has been translated into Spanish and French.

Inmigrantes haitianos y dominicanos de ascendencia haitiana en la República Dominicana

(2004) (2MB PDF)

Needed but unwanted Spanish edition co-published with Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados y Migrantes (SJR).

Les immigrants haïtiens et leurs descendants en République Dominicaine

(2004) (254k PDF)

Needed but unwanted French translation.

Haiti 2004: A nation in crisis

(2004) (855k PDF)

Anne M Street

2004 marked the 200th anniversary of the founding of independent Haiti. This briefing examines how widespread poverty, failed government and an under-performing economy mean most of Haiti’s people are struggling simply to survive, and makes recommendations for international action to assist Haiti to build a better future for its people.

Futures for southern Africa: Report of a symposium held in Windhoek, Namibia, September 2003

(2004) (255k PDF)

Steve Kibble

The symposium brought together speakers and participants with a range of expertise and perspectives on the region – and a common passion for its future. This report provides an overview of their thinking about southern Africa, and their ideas for the way forward for this still troubled region.

Challenging women’s poverty: Perspectives on gender and poverty reduction strategies from Nicaragua and Honduras

(2003) (300k PDF)

Sarah Bradshaw and Brian Linneker

This briefing examines the extent to which women and gender issues are included in poverty reduction strategies. Combines a review of the policy context and of women’s experiences of poverty with detailed analysis of the poverty reduction strategy process in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Desafiando la pobreza de las mujeres: Perspectivas de género y estrategias para la reducción de la pobreza en Nicaragua y Honduras

(2003) (700k PDF)

Challenging women's poverty Spanish edition.

Experiences of local development in Latin America: Reports from a conference in El Salvador, October 2002

(2003) (385k PDF)

Featuring experiences from six countries – El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru – this report describes strategies and approaches used by organisations promoting development that meets local needs and involves local people.

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