Please note: Progressio has announced closure in March 2017

To read more about Progressio's response to the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen click here.​​

Previous to the conflict, working with our partners we were:

  • helping women, particularly those who are poor and vulnerable, to empower themselves to achieve equality within Yemeni institutions;
  • building the capacity of water users to better manage their own water resources and have a voice regarding water management issues;
  • supporting local councils and CSOs to integrate water and environmental planning into their annual plans;
  • strengthening the capacity, skills and knowledge of individuals, organisations and communities to make informed choices and to combat the spread of HIV;
  • improving the psycho-social and network support for people living with HIV; 
  • helping people living with HIV empower themselves to advocate for policies and legislation which improve access to HIV testing services, treatment and care;
  • increasing knowledge and understanding of HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support among male and female faith leaders, and ther ability to preach accurate messages about HIV.